ASTI Ascent Solar Clinches Major Contract - Soars +42%

Shares of Ascent Solar Technologies (OTCMKTS: ASTI) soared up 42% Thursday, as the Company announced it had clinched a major contract for an advanced aerospace application. ASTI traded a total of 263,993,097 shares in volume, 6.5x more than the daily average volume in the wake of recent developments, as short sellers ran for the hills. FINRA has reported 297,000 shares in short interest, up 1132.37% for the month of January. (OTCMKTS:ASTI) is up 6.00% since December 14, 2016 and is following an uptrend pattern.

On January 11th, Ascent Solar Technologies (OTCMKTS:ASTI) announced that it would expand its shareholder outreach after receiving an increase in shareholder inquiries as a result of its product testing with The Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA), and this expansion of outreach holds true as the Company reveals the important details of the new contract. Although certain details of the contract were not officially revealed, the press release describes the contract as the result of ASTI's monolithically-integrated thin-film modules passing a two year procedure of lengthy and vigorous testing. The total value for the contract is approximately $516,000. "Ascent Solar was asked to customize a fully encapsulated, large area thin-film module weighing no more than 420 grams per square meter (1.38 ounces per square foot), which could withstand extreme operating temperature ranges from +100 to -75 Degree Celsius (approximately +210 to -100 Fahrenheit)," said Dr. Joe Armstrong, founder and CTO of Ascent Solar.

Victor Lee, CEO and President of Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. said, "This is by far the single largest PV sales contract in the corporate history of Ascent Solar. While the contract is significant in value, it underscores the power of Ascent's technology to address these rapidly emerging and growing markets. We have noted previously that Ascent's thin-film technology produces modules with the highest power-to-weight ratio. For aerospace and space applications, this characteristic is incredibly important. Additionally, the flexibility to integrate the modules into different form factors and applications, makes our technology suitable for this growing market. This contract is only the 'tip of the iceberg' as the project, if successfully launched, is expected to be rolled out on a much larger scale in the near future."

Mr. Lee concluded, "We believe there are a lot of great things happening at the Company in 2017, which should engender growth and encourage confidence. We will gladly continue to update shareholders and investors on new developments and market opportunities."

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