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Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. is a developer of award winning thin-film photovoltaic modules with substrate materials that are more flexible, versatile and rugged than traditional solar panels. Ascent Solar modules can be directly integrated into consumer products and off-grid applications, as well as aerospace and building integrated applications. EnerPlex is the Company's brand of consumer products and is a division of Ascent Solar. Ascent Solar and EnerPlex are headquartered in Thornton, Colorado. For more information, go to and


  • The Silent Falcon sUAS is a versatile system capable of performing a wide variety of missions requiring long endurance, long range and undetectable flight. Here are a few ideal applications for the Silent Falcon. In all cases, using an unmanned aircraft is safer and more economical than sending a person into the mission.

  • ASTI recently announced a big breakthrough in the solar space, specifically in space and in near-space applications. In these applications, lightweight and high performance solar panels are very important. With that said, ASTI recently achieved a record 1,700 watts of power produced per kilogram of weight. As a result, future solar panels made for in space and near space applications can now weigh up to 60% less than conventional solar options for these applications!

  • Ascent Solar Technologies (Nasdaq: ASTI) announced that its flexible, lightweight PV modules were selected by VanguardSpace Technologies (Vanguard) for their NASA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. The NASA program is intended to develop an economical, lightweight alternative to existing and emerging high-cost solar arrays for high-power space applications.
  • Vanguard will utilize proprietary space environment protection technology along with automated manufacturing approaches to create an ultra-thin, high power-to-weight ratio, large space solar array. These arrays will be enabled by Ascent’s flexible copper-indium-gallium-selenium (CIGS) technology; Ascent will leverage their experience with space-based solar products to provide space-optimized variants of their production PV.

Flexible Solar - The Revolution
  • Ascent Solar's manufacturing process is based around CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) depositited onto a polyimide (plastic) substrate.
  • This process is what enables Ascent's solar panels to be so incredibly flexible and durable while remaining extremely efficient.

Kickr Portable Solar Chargers
  • Recharge USB-enables devices with our Kickr Series flexible portable solar chargers
  • Charge quickly and efficiently anywhere under the Sun
  • Power up action cameras, smartphones, tablets and other USB-enabled electronics
  • Great for any outdoor adventure under the sun like backpacking, hiking, hunting, camping, and rafting


The EnerPlex Surfr for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 features a 2,000 mAh battery pack built into its slim, yet durable design that provide up to 120% extra battery life to your phone. The integrated battery pack can be charged via wall charger, or can be charged via it’s built in solar panel on the back of the case in an emergency.

  • 2,000 mAh internal battery provides 120% extra battery life
  • Integrated solar panel can keep you charged up when in a pinch
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight

  • POWERFUL: This 1231 watt-hour lithium-ion battery is designed to power and charge larger scale electronics, from smartphones & tablets to refrigerators & televisions.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Generatr™ 1200 is 60%LIGHTER than comparable portable generators, designed to be easy to carry at only 42 lbs.
  • VERSATILE: The Generatr™ 1200 comes with one 12V output, one 19V DC output, two 5V USB ports and an integrated 110V A/C standard outlet to charge a variety of devices.
  • DUAL CHARGING: Multiple outputs can be used at the same time to charge numerous devices simultaneously.
  • MINIMAL NOISE: Compared to gas generators, the Generatr™ 1200 makes minimal noise during operation, making it ideal for indoors use, camping, hunting, boating and more.
  • ZERO FUMES: Emits zero fumes or noxious gasses allowing it to be used indoors or in confined areas.
  • COLLECT IT & STORE IT: Rechargeable via a standard wall outlet OR pair it with ourCommandr™ 45flexible solar panel to build a completely self-contained solar powered generator and power storage system.


ASTI recently announced a big breakthrough in the solar space, specifically in space and in near-space applications. In these applications, lightweight and high performance solar panels are very important. With that said, ASTI recently achieved a record 1,700 watts of power produced per kilogram of weight. As a result, future solar panels made for in space and near space applications can now weigh up to 60% less than conventional solar options for these applications!

Ascent’s high-efficiency modules provide the transformational ability to generate power anywhere, anytime.  And this is great for military applications!

With defense spending set to double under President Donald J Trump (540,000 soldiers, 350 Navy ships,  1200 aircraft), will the military further utilize ASTI 's solar technology solutions?

-- The Breakthrough in Solar Panel Technology --

After two decades of research and development, Ascent Solar was formed in 2005, to commercialize leading-edge CIGS photovoltaic technology on flexible, plastic substrate.

Ascent’s unique monolithic integration process enables the highest level of efficiency, durability & weight savings representing the potential to transform the way solar power can be used in everyday life. Ascent Solar’s Research and Development and its 30 MW nameplate production facility is in Thornton, Colorado.

By pioneering a technology that is recognized as the future of the solar industry, Ascent has cemented itself as the leader in the manufacturing of innovative, high performance, flexible thin-film solar panels for both existing and emerging defense, consumer electronic, off-grid, transportation and building applications.

Ascent’s results-oriented team is focused on continued technical innovation while effectively developing current market opportunities and enabling customers to create transformational applications using solar power.


Rugged. Portable. Solar Powered. Using Ascent Solar’s award-winning, patented CIGS flexible solar technology, EnerPlex is your ultimate portable power solution for any situation you may encounter. Whether on top of a mountain or in the boardroom, EnerPlex will always keep you powered up and in charge.

the MilPak™ E has also been selected to present to the U.S. Military, Corporate, and Investment Leadership at the Defense Energy Innovation Summit and Showcase on December 1-3, 2015 in Austin, Texas.
The MilPak™ E is a fully integrated mobile power solution that includes a foldable photovoltaic blanket with an attached waterproof battery case that houses a maximum peak power tracker, 86.5 watt hours of power storage with battery management circuitry, a 55 watt 24 volt power circuit, and two high-current USB circuits.
In keeping with the ruggedized requirements, all switchgear, protection circuit, and the 24V and USB connectors are all rated IP-67 or better, and the case is constructed from a military-grade plastic. Most important, the entire unit weighs in at less than 8.5 pounds (3.8 kg) which makes it extremely portable by military or other users.
This product is the first to introduce the MilPak™ platform to the military, first responders, disaster relief workers and other users who want to reduce the number of components they required to take in the field and take advantage of solar power.

R&D Magazine's Top 100 Inventions
  • Named R&D Magazines Top 100 Inventions in 2015
  • Award Recognizes
    • Construction of the MilPak Platform; the Most Durable and Lightweight Solar Power Generation and Storage System in the World
    • 55 Watt Solar Blanket
    • 86.5 Watts of Storage Management
    • 24V and USB Connectors Are All Rated IP-67 or Better 
    • Weighs only 8.5 lbs
    • Subjected to and Passed the Grueling MIL-STD 810G Test Requirements
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Time Magazine's Top 50 Inventions
  • Named Time Magazine's Top 50 Inventions in 2011
  • Award Recognizes
    • Flexibility of Solar Substrates
    • Integration Into Building Materials, Such As an Office Building
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R&D Magazine's Top 100 Inventions
  • Named R&D Magazines Top 100 Inventions in 2010
  • Award Recognizes
    • Ability to Manufacture on a Flexible Substrate
    • CIGS with Monolithic Integration
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Ascent Solar’s WaveSol™ Mobile, flexible, thin-film modules for EIPV are specifically produced for integrating solar power into electronic devices and consumer products. WaveSol™ Light modules are manufactured on ultra-thin plastic substrates, which provide the flexibility necessary for easy integration to all types of materials including fabrics and plastics. Ascent Solar’s CIGS technology offers the greatest power per space compared to other available technologies, making solar-powered consumer products a reality.

  1. Highest energy density available on thin-film PVs
  2. Manufactured on plastic
  3. Requires fewer balance of system components
  4. Lightweight form factor
  5. Flexibility provides the opportunity to solar power a multitude of
  6. consumer products.
  7. A realistic source of clean, renewable energy

The lightweight, yet powerful Ascent Solar WaveSol™ Mobile modules make it easy to directly integrate solar power into a limitless number of consumer products that benefit from portable power, including fabrics and non-flat surfaces. The power density of the thin-film, CIGS technology makes it the preferred solution for meeting the energy needs of solar-powered consumer products such as laptop computers, tents, off-grid LED lighting, blankets and more.
  • Most Powerful
    WaveSol™ Mobile modules offer the greatest power density compared to other available technologies. The power these modules produce can replace heavy, traditional batteries, eliminate the need for extra power boosters and bring the advantage of solar power to new consumer products.
  • Maximum Portability
    WaveSol™ Mobile modules are created on plastic, not glass, which makes them significantly lighter and more durable. The flexibility of the plastic substrate allows for solar panels to be sewn into fabric or placed in areas previously unavailable for solar energy production.
  • Clean, Alternative Energy Source
    WaveSol™ Mobile modules harness the power of the sun to provide an alternative energy source that reduces the use of chemicals found in traditional batteries.
  • Lightweight Energy Source
    WaveSol™ Mobile high efficiency solar modules, created using thin-film PV technology, are up to 10 times more powerful than a conventional battery. Just one hour of direct sunlight will power 40 minutes of usage.